Spiritual Maintenance Books

Dancing with Broken Feet

This book is written by one who is a believer in Jesus Christ but thoroughly broken by agendas that didn’t work. The nonbeliever will find this book helpful, as all human experience is similar at many points. The believer will relish the understanding of the Father and His grace, which is our only hope. The single will get insight into the struggle of human realities common to us all. The married who are on their way in or out of a relationship will find themselves somewhere in the pages.

Dancing with Broken Feet is now available on Amazon

Other Books by Dr Griffin

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Ambassadorial evangelism 

I Must Say

A poetic parody by Ismael Footfahrt 


Thoughts on love, romance and intimacy in poetic form

Freedom Drive

The story of Carolina Christian Ministries, day school, fellowship and how it came to be 

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