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Dancing with Jesus in a Hurting World

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In his third book of the “Dancing With…” series, Dr. Danny Griffin shares his knowledge of how to walk in this world as a believer-witness for Christ. It is meant to teach new believers as well as seasoned followers of Christ and how to be an effective witness for Him. 

People are hurting everywhere and we as believers are called to “bear one another’s burdens.” Our lifestyle should reveal God’s love and grace at work in us.

“We are the church victorious in a hurting world, victimized by religions of many kinds,” said author Dr. Danny Griffin, president of Carolina Christian Ministries. “We, as believers, have a tendency to follow the line of least resistance. As a result, we have often chosen to use man's methods to do God's work.” 

Dancing With A Broken World

A Blogger Confronts Life's Choices

This is Dr. Danny Griffin's second book of the series "Dancing with..." which takes a different perspective from his first book, "Dancing with Broken Feet". 

In "Dancing With A Broken World" he applies his knowledge from decades of walking with the Lord and weds Biblical truth with practical living.

Understanding God's Grace and applying it to daily life is not easy. Thus, we learn to daily depend on scripture, prayer and the Holy Spirit. 

"Many of us were introduced somewhere in our faith journey with the idea that we must fight against our old selfish nature in order to grow in Grace. This religious idea is not the teaching of scripture but a concoction of those who think that sinful behavior and thinking can be overcome by fighting our selfish old nature and its desires. This is fruitless, leading us to a life of constant failure and little or no spiritual growth."

Join many who have been blessed by the ministry of Danny Griffin who live a joyous Christ-following life while living in a broken worl

Dancing with a Broken World is now available on Amazon

Dancing with Broken Feet

This book is written by one who is a believer in Jesus Christ but thoroughly broken by agendas that didn’t work. The nonbeliever will find this book helpful, as all human experience is similar at many points. The believer will relish the understanding of the Father and His grace, which is our only hope. The single will get insight into the struggle of human realities common to us all. The married who are on their way in or out of a relationship will find themselves somewhere in the pages.

Dancing with Broken Feet is now available on Amazon

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